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Advanced technology for advanced market: LIH
In Mould Labelling for large injection moulded containers is becoming a more valued decoration technique. However, with the
increase in surface area to cover, along with the requirement for high visual impact,
have developed a specific film grade called LIH
to meet this growing sector. Predominantly, in this market segment, the label size dictates the label film characteristics.
Being that the standard lightweight IML films are to flimsy to be applied onto large containers LIH, characterised by a superior stiffness,
has been developed. Its micro voided structure together with the higher thickness of 70 µm provides the perfect combination to
satisfy the labelling needs. LIH, with its glossy finish after moulding, also allows a perfect spring-board to designers to release their
creative energy by using photographic quality images achievable through off-set printing.
Cakirlar Printing & Packaging, Istanbul is a Turkish printer who recently renewed their technology park with printing systems sensitive
to environmental protection. Cakirlar prefer LIH for use in household items and containers ranging in three to twenty litres in capacity.
IML decoration using LIH is perfect for use in all kinds of injection moulded objects such as, detergent and laundry containers, pots,
water buckets, decanters, plastic furniture, tables, kid’s desks and their toy containers where the objects enjoy superior graphic quality.
The labels can be printed using both conventional and UV offset systems (up to 7 colours),
with in-line water base varnish or UV lacquer.
“In the segment of large pails, LIH is an attractive
alternative to the traditionally used cast PP films”,
commented Printing Company Verstraete.
The real metal look of Jotun pail, where LIH found its
application, is achieved by adding a metallised cold foil
onto the sheet-fed offset printed labels. Dizayn, another
Turkish offset printer, used LIH to decorate stools with
eye catching graphics.
Cakirlar Printing & Packaging
Printing Company Verstraete
Coated Films
now available from
In August 2012, Taghleef Industries signed an exclusive parternship
with INVICO SA for the production of coated BOPP and BOPLA
films, which will become part of the EXTENDO™ portfolio.
The latest generation of Swiss technology combined with the
cooperation of the best chemical companies in Europe, gives
and INVICO the confidence that the products offered
will meet the highest requirements of our customers. The project
started in 2010 and included the purchase and installation of two
modern production lines for coating films with a total capacity
of 12,000 t/y at INVICO’s facilities in Tarnowskie Gory, Poland.
Invico S.A. (formerly known as Pragma Trade S.A.) was established
in 2004 and has become an unquestionable leader of the Polish
market in the distribution of packaging films, supplying more than
300 customers. Since 2010 Invico focused its activity on high
barrier films and in consequence, decided to start the coating
production. The first line is already at work, dedicated to the
production of acrylic coated films, which will shortly be followed
by other innovative solutions.
The following films have been added to the EXTENDO™
portfolio and are available now:
EXTENDO™ XCTA (transparent, both sides acrylic coated)
EXTENDO™ XCTL (transparent, one side acrylic, one side
Low Temperature Seal)
EXTENDO™ XCTA (white voided, both sides acrylic coated)