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Ta g h l e e f I n d u s t r i e s N e w s
Our expertise, a catalyst for our valued
representatives to grow further
On 10 September, 2012, Taghleef Industries held a Technical seminar at Al Behar Industries office
in Amman, Jordan. Since 2003, Al Behar Industries has been Ti’s representative in Jordan and
has played an important role since then in maintaining
’s leadership in the market through
their long term relationships in the country & surrounding Export markets in the food & flexible
packaging industry Among several other representations Al Behar has, the most significant are
Wilmar, Singapore for Palm Oil & its derivates, Schib, Italy for food packaging machines and the
recently acquired agency from Sabic for High Performance Chemicals.
The Jordanian Bopp market is relatively small with forecasted consumption of 10,000 Metric
Tons of Bopp in 2013 (CAGR 6.5%). However, the market increased recently due to the shifting
of some export customers such as Iraqi end users from Syria to Jordan as a better alternative
due to the ongoing situation in Syria.
The objective of the seminar was to give the Al Behar sales force an overview of
’s product
portfolio, characteristic features of the films, role of key properties in packaging, intended applications and markets segments to target/
penetrate. The discussion was also focused on providing information and updates on the latest developments, innovations and technologies
in the flexible packaging industry.
The seminar was attended by Muhammad Ali Mirza (Head of Sales and Marketing AMEA),
Ibrahim Hammoda (Deputy Manager Sales AMEA), Rana Darwish (Customer Service
Representative) and Abhijit Ghosh (Group Technical Service Manager). Muhammad Ali
Mirza, who led the discussion, went on by explaining the roles of technical service
support, underlining their added value to the customers business. Twelve people
attended the Seminar from the Al Behar industries team along with the Al Behar
Industries General manager, Faris H. Faris. Faris commented “It was great initiative from
and will surely help our sales force to better understand the BOPP films market and
respond accordingly to customer inquiries”.
Michelle Bruga is the new Customer Service Representative for the AMEA markets based in Dubai. She is a
Filipino national, with 9 ½ years sales and marketing experience as a Senior Product Specialist for a multinational
company in the pharmaceuticals industry and one year of customer service/technical support experience in the BPO Industry. She holds
a Bachelors degree in Physical Therapy and also a Registered Physical Therapist in the Philippines.
Michelle Marie Buraga
Customer Service Representative