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Additionally, the Sales force has been
strengthened with the arrival of
Luca Bianchetti
as Sales Area Manager for the Italian market.
Luca is a young sales manager, highly motivated
and keen in bringing in his past commercial
and customer service experience. He has also
undertaken a specific internal training course on
the film production and technical assistance.
Due to the baby boom among the members of our Hungarian
Customer Service team, three new colleagues have joined
Mrs. Irma Ördög
who is fluent
in Romanian and English, has 21
years experience in import/export
activities from a multinational
ink producer (Akzo-Nobel). She
contributes to the success of
Intercompany activities together with
Ms. Adrienn Lilla
a very young and dynamic lady who partly follows
the Hungarian market as a customer service colleague. She
also speaks Hungarian and English. The third lady is
Mrs. Éva
Szamayné Nagy
who will take care of the Polish market, and
who fluently speaks English and reads and writes in both Italian
and German. She has several years experience in tourism and
worked as a sales assistant in her previous job.
Last April, Ti GmbH welcomed
Bjoern Dragun
as thenewSalesAreaManager. 38 yrs old, Bjoern
studied Engineering, Economics and graduated
as Bachelor of Business Administration.
Having lived and worked abroad for some
time, Bjoern has an extended experience and
knowledge gained from another international
BoPP films producer (
years in the technical department and
4 years as Technical Development
Manager for Tobacco Films) which
will definitely benefit the
Group. At
the same time,
Svenja Christ
the Customer Service.
Davide Pitta
ecently joined
the Technical Service Department to provide
technical assistance and deal with customers’
claims. As a chemical engineer, he worked nine
years in Research & Development in polymers
& resins laboratories and then moved in the
field of geology/geochemistry by working on
an offshore platform for an oil company in the
quality of Mud Logger Technical Service.
at German Packing Congress in Berlin
About 140 managers and project managers from the packaging industry met on
22 March at the 7th German Packaging Congress in Berlin. Under the motto “Well
packaged. Well networked. Well informed.”, sustainability issues, trends, people and
business development were the focus. Organized by the German Packaging Institute
(dvi) the congress discussed new recipes for the trade, packaging codex, the power
of the limbic system, holistic sustainability, corporate cultures, employee activation
and potential financial investors interested in the packaging industry. In addition to
information and insights, the event provided evening networking with a clear view
over Berlin.
EXTENDO displayed a booth during the congress, opening up outstanding
opportunities to discuss high barrier films with the packaging experts, their benefits
and sustainability. With the visitors being mainly from owners of well positioned
brands, this event provided an excellent platform in giving recognition and positive
feedback to the EXTENDO brand of films.