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Ti joins FINAT!
FINAT, an international organization
promoting Self-adhesive labelling
industry and the world-wide
association for manufactures of self-
adhesive labels, provides a forum for
the exchange of ideas, information
and education. Being
s BOPP film
grades more more employed in the self-adhesive labels application,
we find FINAT’s an excellent platform to develop new contacts and
establish new relationships within the self-adhesive supply chain.
Ta g h l e e f I n d u s t r i e s N e w s
Some like it glossy, some like it matte!
Ti visited Pack Expo
A glossy or matte finish : the visual appearance is one of the important
features that a brand owner needs to decide on. Did you know that a
variety of finishes can be obtained also in IML, by choosing the right
film grade?
IML films give a hand to diversify!
In some smaller container size segments, such as diary (ice-cream
and margarine), traditionally a more opaque, orange peel look is
preferred. Such post moulding finish, is easily captured by applying
an IML label printed with
s highest yield film.
Offering a
smoother look,
is a favoured option for bigger containers, due
its higher stiffness. When it comes large size containers, a glossy look
can be easily conferred through a label
printed on
in 70 µm.
gives the glossiest finish of all. It has been adopted
for its stand out visuals by Franks Ice Cream, one of the UK’s leading
manufacturers of premium dairy ice cream.
A six colour print with a gloss over varnish, carried out by West
Yorkshire printing house on their sheet fed UV offset press, helped
Frank’s ice cream to obtain a fresher look of their of Diabetic Ice
Cream - Vanilla & Strawberry flavours- and they were delighted with
results achieved.
A significant reduction of carbon footprint was one of the further
advantages of the new film employed.
Which is your preferred option : glossy or matte? Just pick the
right film!
Pack Expo (Packaging Machinery, Equipment and Finished Packing
Production Exhibition) is the most important packaging fair in the
Ukraine and took place in Kiev from 4 - 6 of April, 2012 at the
Kiev Expo Plaza. The exhibition demonstrated the new tendency
of developments within the Ukrainian packaging industry and
introduced all spectrums of the raw material to the final product,
including all associated technologies, machineries and printing. It
was a great networking opportunity to get new contacts, to start
new cooperation, to strengthen corporate image and to develop
relationships. Attended by experts in the food, packaging,
printing and other industries, Pack Expo attracted more than
8700 visitors and 115 exhibitors in over 3300 square meters. With
many nationalities from the Ukraine, France, Italy, Turkey, Russia,
відвідав виставку
Pack Expo
Poland, USA and Belorussia to name a few, this kind of event
ensures a great opportunity to strengthen
as a truly Global