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Ta g h l e e f I n d u s t r i e s N e w s
bestowed a 2012
Sustainability Award
Taghleef Industries
pressure-sensitive tape made from its transparent
NATIVIA™ NTSS or solid white
NATIVIA™ NWSS biaxially oriented polylactic acid (PLA) films.
The award was presented Sunday, March 11, 2012, at an Awards Banquet during
AIMCAL’s annual Management Meeting (March 11-14, 2102, at the Rio Mar Beach
Resort in Rio Grande, Puerto Rico). The award recognizes tapes converted by Logo
tape Gesellschaft für Selbstklebebänder mbH & Co. KG, Harrislee, Germany.
Based on Ingeo PLA resin from NatureWorks LLC, Minnetonka, Minnesota, the bio-
based, compostable tapes rely on proprietary coating technology, can carry printed messages, and are particularly well-suited
for sealing kraft paper bags and corrugated cases. Unlike conventional non degradable polypropylene (PP) or polyester tapes, the
PLA tapes don’t pose a problem for subsequent composting or recycling, exhibit high tensile and bond strengths, and perform in
numerous industrial and consumer applications. The PLA material scores environmental points because it’s derived from a renewable
source (corn). Compared to PP or polyester counterparts, PLA tape offers a lower carbon footprint, recyclability, compostability, and
compatibility with some paper recycling processes where the PLA dissolves into nontoxic lactide.
The judges noted pressure-sensitive tape is a new application for PLA film and liked the fact that it can help end users achieve
sustainability goals. The judges also observed converting to PLA tape could be particularly advantageous in applications where
conventional tape materials complicate recycling or where packaging is destined for post-consumer composting.
Sustainability Award Winner
During DRUPA, 3-16 May 2012, WINDMÖLLER & HÖLSCHER presented the latest state of the
art printing and PE film production technology at their Düsseldorf exhibition booth as well as
during a 5 day in-house-exhibition in their Lengerich Germany head quarters.
With four printing presses and two PE extrusion
machines on display, there were app. 500 visitors from
more than 40 different countries visiting the in house
exhibition. Highlights at WINDMÖLLER & HÖLSCHER’s
in-house printing facilities were the 800 m/min printing
press VISTAFLEX CL8 and the new EASY-modules
with significant improvement of set up times Being
an important partner for WINDMÖLLER & HÖLSCHER, Ti supplied the BOPP films for the VISTAFLEX
promotion. Ti BOPP films have been used for the high speed runs with highest flexo printing quality.
Taghleef Industries and WINDMÖLLER & HÖLSCHER started a co-operation in 2010 with Ti BOPP films
used to set up the new printing presses produced by WINDMÖLLER & HÖLSCHER.
Additionally, with the support of an Italian converter SCEA and UTECO a printing presses producer, BAULI one of the most famous quality
brands in the Italian bakery industry, presented a packaging made of NATIVIA™ NWSS 30µm (BoPLA).
BAULI is working on improving the sustainability of their products in the future by testingmaterials
that are more sustainable. The Show was hence a great occasion for Ti to partner with BAULI to
experiment its bio-based film NATIVIA™ for their bakery pack. NATIVIA™ is the natural answer for
this type of product as it provides an effective barrier against aroma and fat.
The visitors could appreciate how a bio-based film such as NATIVIA™ was easy to convert,
keeping beautifully the glossy colors of the design. Available in transparent, metallized and white,
NATIVIA™ is suitable for a wide range of applications (food, non-food & labels).
Partnerships at DRUPA