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Ta g h l e e f I n d u s t r i e s N e w s
Following closure of the AET acquisition an integration team
has formed and is hard at work. The integration team agreed
to centralize customer service in Wilmington. While goods
will continue to flow through warehousing in Charleston,
the import/ export and customer service operations staff
will be centered in Wilmington. They can be contacted
on a dedicated
Toll Free number 1-855-873-2464.
Centralizing operations makes it possible for efficient integration
and adoption of best practices. AET’s Vendor Managed
Closure of Charleston
Innovation Takes Root 2012
AET Sales & Service
The sales force is focused on strengthening relationships with converters and enhancing communication with end-users. The team consists
of primarily direct sales in North America and agents throughout Central and South America. AET has a dedicated team of production
planning personnel and customer service staff working with customers to insure a seamless supply of products. Led by our IT group, we
provide our customers with online capability to view product information, release inventory, and track shipments. AET’s manufacturing
services group maintains a network of warehousing and logistics capabilities to assure both timely and secure supply.
Frank Ernst - Product Manager Nativia
This event was organised by NatureWorks, the PLA raw material supplier for our BoPLA film
and drew over 300 participants from 177 different companies to Orlando/Florida.
During the 2 day event, 57 presentations were given to the audience all with diversified content.
All aspects from the origin of the raw material towards the end of life options were covered,
along with very critical subjects like the world hunger situation in relation to bioplastics, the
land-use to cover the growing demand, the GMO background and many others.
Not only were NatureWorks customers present, but also competitors, suppliers and co-
suppliers. A wide variety of different table top presentations were installed showing the latest
developments in the PLA market, including everything from raw material additives, machinery,
garments and flexible packaging.  NATIVIA
was successfully presented to over 100 visitors, with many questions and answers raised on critical
issues concerning the conversion and the suitability for certain applications.
Overall, NATIVIA
left a remarkable impression on the attendees with several sample orders placed. We are looking forward to serving the
North-American market with our bio-based film and our team in the US is already busy building up our presence and promoting our products
Inventory (VMI) skills and systems and
trading genealogy can synergistically come together and be
the start of development of a global center of excellence.
and AET operations can also transition quickly to SAP
together towards the end of the year.
Leading the North American Customer Service excellence
effort is Florence Billard who can be contacted on 1-302-326-
5581. If there are any further questions feel free to contact her.
AET is led by a group of four senior staff members averaging 30 years of experience in the film industry: Thomas Mohr, President and Chief
Executive Officer (CEO); Brian Crescenzo, Chief Financial Officer (CFO); Pantaleon (Terce) Henriquez III, Vice President of Sales, Marketing and
Product Development; Barry Jones, Vice President of Operations. The creation of cross functional business teams working in conjunction
with senior staff initiatives have placed AET in a premier market position by leveraging its unique manufacturing infrastructure and R&D
capabilities to develop a portfolio of specialized and differentiated product technologies, achieving deep penetration across its targeted
end markets. Over the last several years, management was able to implement customer contracts allowing AET to pass-through changes in
polypropylene resin pricing covering the majority of the annual sales. This contributed to the company being able to successfully navigate
through a period of extreme PP resin volatility.