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Markets & Products
AET’s products are supplied into a range of markets. Each market
requires varying degrees of barrier protection, printability, sealability
andother traits. Understanding customers has helped themtoprovide
products that meet their market and film property specifications.
According to recent market data, the broad product offering of AET
The Beveragemarkets
, Carbonated Soft Drinks, Teas & Juices andWater, drive our Labels segment in which we produce films for use on bottles,
jars, cans, lids and other containers applied by roll-fed, cut & stack, injection in-mold and pressure sensitive labeling systems. Specialized roll-
fed, shrink labels are available in this segment as well.
The Overwrap film
market includes the packaging of food and non-food products such as baked goods,
boxed goods, pre-packaged goods, bundled items and media. Overwrap films fall into both the Food and
Non-Food segments of our business. These sealable and in some cases printable, outside webs are used in tuck and fold overwrap and tray
overwrap applications. Our knowledge of these target markets allows us to utilize our polymer technology in developing the appropriate
optical, barrier, surface, seal and physical properties.
The Confectionery and Snacks
markets are the primary focus of the Food Packaging segment. Confectionery
films are intended for packaging individually wrapped bars for candy, breakfast and nutritional, ice cream
novelty and secondary packages. Mostly laminations of printable, cold-seal release outer webs and clear,
white opaque or metallized inner webs, these structures can perform on horizontal or vertical packaging
machines. The Snack films market includes potato chips, pretzels, popcorn, tortilla chips and other salty snack
foods. These laminated packages consist of a printable outside web and a sealable inside web providing some
varying degree of oxygen, water vapor, light and grease barrier protection.
commands roughly 16% market share in North America and 10%
market share in all the Americas combined. The various business
segments focus efforts on delivering an array of transparent, white
opaque, metallized and holographic films with specific properties.
Carbonated Soft Drinks, Teas & Juices, Water, Coffee,
Food Containers, Aerosol, PP Molded Cups, Tubs and Lids
Confectionery, Snacks, Bakery, Condiment, Meat & Cheese,
Frozen Food, Fresh Produce
Tobacco, Overwrap, Multi-Wall Bag, Personal Care,
Holographic, Building Products, Board Lamination
Branded products for AET include Vision ®, a specialized film used in medium and low shrink roll fed label
applications; SynDECOR®, a decorative overlay filmprimarily used in ready to assemble furniture andcabinetry;
SynCarta®, a synthetic paper product used for labels, tags, greeting cards, envelopes and other applications
and OPPtic™ Holographic Films, a decorative alternative for a variety of target markets within our primary
business segments. We can also provide a white label film containing recycled content named RE™.