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"AET Films Headquarters"
"AET Technology center"
Varennes, Quebec
Wilmington, DE
Covington, VA
Terre Haute, IN
June 1st 2012, Taghleef Industries announced that it has closed the transaction to acquire Applied
Extrusion Technologies (AET) in the US. Since, the companies strengths are being actively captured
in a dynamic integration process. But who is AET? Here is a concise overview of this long established
OPP manufacturer in the Americas.
About AET
Applied Extrusion Technologies, Inc (AET Films) is a leading
manufacturer of specialized oriented polypropylene (OPP) plastic
films. As an independent global supplier focused solely on
manufacturing OPP film, AET has built strong relationships with
industry leading converters and many of the world’s largest consumer
product companies. AET’s ability to repeatedly develop and produce
consistent, quality products that are fit for use in food packaging,
product labeling, building products, graphic media and other markets
has helped us to earn the trust of our customers. Facilitated by
superior service departments, we offer a wide range of OPP film
products of varying thickness and performance characteristics to
meet our customer needs and expectations.
The Company History
Originally formed in 1986, AET had its initial operations in
Middletown, Delaware. In 1994, AET acquired the OPP film
business from Hercules, Inc., a pioneer in the OPP film business
since the 1960’s. Since then, over $200 million have been utilized in
capital investments and the company acquired the assets of two
OPP filmmanufacturers, AEP Borden and QPF LLC. Through organic
growth, capital investments and acquisitions, AET has become one
of the largest providers of OPP films in North America, and remains
focused on developing, manufacturing and marketing a wide range
of OPP films to a worldwide marketplace.
AET’s Capabilities
AET’s unique manufacturing capabilities allow the company
to make OPP film employing several processes. The company
produces both transparent and white opaque OPP films in
thicknesses ranging from 48 gauge to 3.5 mil. Secondary processing
capabilities include metallization, embossing, coating and slitting.
AET has positioned itself as a market leader by assembling some
of the industry’s most experienced and competent research and
development talent. By establishing strong customer relationships
as well as a reputation for innovative product development, AET
continues to meet the specifications of customers within our
target markets.
The company has five locations in North America, four in the USA and one in Canada. In the state of Delaware there are two locations.
The corporate headquarters reside in Wilmington and the R&D facility, referred to as the Technology Center, is located a short distance
away in Newark. Manufacturing is located in, Terre Haute, Indiana and Varennes, Quebec, Canada. The Terre Haute manufacturing site
currently has two tubular lines and five tenter lines active, one of which is the only 10 meter tenter line in the Americas. The Varennes plant
houses two tenter lines as well as an embosser and metallizer. In addition to the Technology Center, a pilot line is located for additional
film evaluation in Covington, Virginia.