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6th Bioplastics Market Conference
The sixth Bio Plastics conference organized by the Center for
Management Technology, Singapore was held in Bangkok, Thailand
on 23-24 May 2012.
The focus of the event was:
The Global Bioplastics market outlook & challenges
Transition from food to non-food feedstock - prospect
and challenges
Product innovations and application in packaging nonwoven/
fibres, automotives & durables
Development of industry regulations/mandates
in Asia on Bioplastics growth
PTT Chemical’s green expansion plans
Update on new capacities & growth projections in key
Asian countries
Brand-owners’ expectations and experiences
of Bioplastics applications
Muhammad Ali Mirza, Sales & Marketing Director Exports
Muhammad Ali Mirza,
Head of Sales & Marketing Exports
presented on NATIVIA™ our bio-based BoPLA Film for packaging
and labeling applications, which was rated as ‘Good’ by 65% of the
audience, excellent by 15% and the rest finding it ‘Satisfactory’.
, as part of its social & corporate responsibility to contribute
to ongoing worldwide efforts of making life sustainable, green
and reduce carbon footprint, invested in the manufacturing of
BoPLA films in 2010 to offer our customers a variety of sustainable
packaging solutions
Apart from Taghleef Industries, other key speakers were
Natureworks, PTT Chemicals, PTT MCC Biochem Co Ltd, Purac,
BASF, Nestle, Teijin, Samsung, Bioamber, Kingfa, Novamont, Clariant,
P&G, Roquette, Avantium, Gama Plastics, Bruckner Technology
Holding GmbH (HQ),
Greendiamz Biotech Ltd and Organic Waste Systems.
Our objective in participating at the conference was to understand
the initiatives taken in Asia for the development of the Bioplastic
market including the potential growth, forecast and the new
technologies on offer. It was also the perfect platform to introduce
NATIVIA™ to South East Asia and interact with our industry partners
like Bruckner, Natureworks, TPC and Organic Waste Systems.
Overall, the conference was very informative and was a great
learning experience on Bioplastic markets in South East Asia.