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CZVB grade film
is a heat sealable, high barrier metalized CPP film.
CZVB film contains the following critical properties:
Excellent moisture barrier property
Excellent gas barrier property
High light barrier property
Heat sealable on the non metalized side with very high heat seal strength
To ensure protection of the packed food products against environmental conditions and to
provide a longer shelf-life, the seal integrity of the pack must be good enough to prevent leakage and/or prevent entry of the air or mois-
ture through the seal areas. The excellent seal integrity of CZVB film not only prevents the micro leakages through the sealed area but
also helps the “gas flushing” of the packaging - gas flushing is where the atmosphere within the package is vacuumed entirely. The oxygen
is replaced with an inert gas such as Nitrogen (or Carbon Dioxide) that enables fresh and minimally processed packaged food products to
maintain visual, textural and nutritional appeal.
The controlled environment (inside the package) enables the food packaging to provide an extended shelf life without requiring the ad-
dition of chemical preservatives or stabilizers. The high barrier metalized CPP (CZVB) film has the excellent moisture barrier (0.2 - 0.3g/
mtr2/d) and Oxygen barrier (<30cc/mtr2/d) in comparison with the normal metalized CPP film (WVTR: 0.8- 1.0g/mtr2/d & OTR: 100 -
150cc/mtr2/d). CZVB film has the seal strength in the range of 2000g/in - 2400g/in which is almost double of the heat seal strength of
the normal CPP film.The laminate produced with CZVB film provides improved functional properties (e.g. high moisture barrier, high oxygen
barrier, light barrier, very high seal strength & excellent hot tack) along with crush & puncture resistance and good machine ability, making
the laminate the ideal packaging material for snacks (Potato chips) and bakery products (specially croissants) in order to get an extended
shelf life. Taghleef Industries in close collaboration with Al Behar Industries successfully completed the qualification of CZVB at Lora
After the successful upgrade of the
production line in
Australia during Q2
2012, we aim to develop Export markets
in the ASEAN market to cater the rising
demands of value added and specialty
films in the region- for which
is synonymous with for over more than 2
decades. The product range in Australia
includes very superior quality white
films for chocolates, confectionary and
labels and high barrier metallised films
for snack foods, biscuits and savory.
The geographical proximity and bilateral
trade agreements with various ASEAN
countries make Australia a perfect match
to use as an Export hub into South
East Asian markets.
In line with the above objectives,
planning to conduct various Technical
Seminars in South East Asia during Q3
2012 in an attempt to get closer to target
customers, understand their needs and
demands and introduce
’s wide range
of value added & specialty films along
with the associated advantages of long
shelf life, cost effectiveness, high speed
and better visual appearance by using
them in various structures. It will also
help the
team to understand the
flexible packaging industry requirement
in better way for various applications.
The team will consist of Technical
Experts & Sales representatives and the
intended audience for these seminars
is key flexible converters, national and
multinational end users.
The ASEAN Countries flexible packaging
material demand is growing by 6% p.a.
Key factors for this growth in the region
is the fast changing lifestyles, increased
earnings and a higher demand for
packed food products.
Ti seeks deeper penetration in ASEAN