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Market insights:
The highest growth rates within in food package
do have barrier films
Thin plastic films are improving the LCA
of food packs significantly
The world market for packaging is approx.
500 billion US big - 1/3 is made of plastic
The market for fresh pre-packed food is fast growing -
Barrier film application are the winner of the growth race.
Bakery products for aroma
protection: Triplex Laminate
matt film
EXTENDO High barrier films
for oxygen and aroma protection
EXTENDO Lidding Films
with antifog option
Pasta Pack for long shelf life:
with Cast PP
Awide product range already available
EXTENDO is focusing on the customers’ need and application.
provides a wide EXTENDO product range:
Converter films – Easy to print and laminate
Films for flow wrap – Moisture and aroma barrier, low seal
Lidding films – films with PE and PP seal layer, Antifog option
Oxygen barrier films based on BOPLA based on NATIVIA™
Converter Films:
Those converters who are familiar with printing and lamination
on BOPP can use the EXTENDO BOPP films without any
changes of their printing inks, adhesives and conversion
processes. The films are sealable on both sides like standard
films. To locate the barrier in the BOPP base films opens up
outstanding possibilities for converters: The sealant can be
functionalized due to the need of end users. New cost-saving
potentials will be uncovered.
Films for Flow Wrap:
The excellent moisture, oxygen and aroma barriers make our
films outstanding for use on flow wrap machines. Low sealing
temperatures are enabling very high machine speeds resulting
in outstanding opportunities for applications such as bakery
Lidding Films:
Thin films with high transparency and a superior drum effect
gives MAP packs a fantastic look. The clarity of the film is
supported by an antifog option. The high barrier of the
EXTENDO lidding films provides long shelf life for fresh
products. The special sealing layer of high thickness gives a
tight seal against both: PP sealant as well as PE sealing layers.
EXTENDO lidding films will be available in quarter 1 of 2012.
BioBased films:
Bio based NATIVIA™ BOPLA films are known in the industry.
EXTENDO can now offer a high barrier version film based
upon the NATIVIA™ range. The film is coated - water based
and chlorine free. This now enables the food industry to use
high barrier bio based films. An extremely high interest is
already visible in this area of the market.
Learn more about EXTENDO films
How to Contact EXTENDO? There are different way to learn more about
the EXTENDO films:
you can speak to your local Ti contact, or call the EXTENDO GmbH
direct : +49 831 51 259 780 or send an e-mail at