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Low Thickness -
High Barrier
Our Technologies
Our long standing experience in the BOPP industry combined
with the intense R&D work and continuous process
development are the basis for the EXTENDO high barrier films:
State of the Art Technologies:
High tech multi-layer co-extrusion and coating technology
High tech biaxial orientation technology
Outstanding Features:
Very high gas barriers
Highly transparent films
Thin films
Convertible like standard BOPP films
Both side sealable with low seal temperatures
BOPLA base with chlorine free barrier
Excellent aroma barriers
Gas barrier:
The EXTENDO films have high gas barriers within a very wide
range. We have films with Oxygen transmission rates from 3
to 25 cm³/m²/d (0%r.h., 25˚C). The wide range allows our
customers to tailor their application. All films are chlorine
free and easy to convert.
Aroma Barrier:
EXTENDO films provide an excellent aroma barrier. Thanks
to our technologies we offer barriers against aromas such as
lemon much better than known barrier coated films.
Mineral Oil Barrier:
The use of a thin coextruded barrier layer gives our film an
excellent barrier against mineral oil which might be able to
migrate from recycled carton board.
Pasteurization option:
Pasteurization in wet conditions opens new opportunities
using EXTENDO dedicated films in barrier laminates. The
design of our multilayer film structure with an encapsulated
barrier layer leads to barrier recovery times of less than 5
Resource Reduction:
Thin barrier films enable sustainable packs. EXTENDO
high barrier films are offered down to 20µm without any
loss of processability on packaging machines e.g. sealing.
Substitution options open up a wide range of cost reduction.
Simultaneously the eco balance of your pack is improved.
group launches thin and high barrier films
Perishable foods require a good level of protection and barrier against moisture, oxygen and aroma in order to extend the shelf life
of a product. With the markets for barrier films steadily growing, packs with thin barrier films are now offering a more sustainable
solution to the market place. Barrier films are not a new concept to the food packaging industry and have been around for quite
a while now. As the market continues to grow,
has now created a dedicated company within the Group to specifically focus on
barrier films resulting in a comprehensive product portfolio of thin BOPP and BOPLA films with outstanding features for aroma
protection, high machine speed as well as mineral oil barrier.
EXTENDO - The Barrier Film Company
EXTENDO GmbH is located in Germany. The production, logistics and
deliveries of the EXTENDO high barrier films are provided by
Italy SpA.
EXTENDO in the „AMI Multilayer Film“ Conference in Cologne,
September 2011 from left to right: Dr. Ulrich Reiners, Managing
Director Extendo Gmbh ; Corrado Lonzar, Technical Assistance
; Mario Molinaro, Sales & Marketing Director Ti Kft.