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Ta g h l e e f I n d u s t r i e s N e w s
Bio4life has developed a self adhesive label made of NATIVIA™ which will allow all brand owners currently using compostable packaging to
use a compostable label to compliment the brand offering. This opens up huge potential for the label industry and further applications and
advantages for the market, such as tiny compostable labels on apples, oranges and bananas, providing the same appeal and moisture resistance
of oil-based plastics, but altogether compostable!
Let’s twist again
Constantia Topepal, a leading packaging manufacturer in Spain, has developed a bio-based twist wrap material using a high gloss metalized PLA
film. This film can be used for candies, pralines, chocolate and combines the excellent twist performance and appeal of NATIVIA™ NZSS, with
the environmental advantages of PLA.
NATIVIA™ films have already been tested with excellent results on ACMA GD and Carle Montanari twist wrap machines
Bioplastics Magazine & NATIVIA™ films:
perfect combination
The next isses of the Bioplatics Magazines will be
wrapped in a transparent bag made by Maropack
and printed by SFV Verpackungen. This is the first
commercial application of NATIVIA™ in the magazine
market. In this case it’s a pre-made bag with adhesive
strip, but tests performed in cooperation with SITMA,
the world leader in printed media distribution systems
have confirmed that the same films can be used on high
speed automatic reel-fed wrapping machinery.
SPF 2011
Speciality Plastics Film 2011 – Zürich
At this year Speciality Plastic Films, SPF 2011, 26th Annual World
Congress hosted by IHS last November, Taghleef Industries took
the opportunity to present the NATIVIA™ and EXTENDO portfolio.
Roughly 70 attendees listened to 26 different speeches about raw
materials, master-batches, additives, over blown cast and MDO-films
towards bioplastics and sensory films. In addition, representatives
from the inks, coatings and adhesive industry presented the latest
news from this sector. With high interest in the conference, it
provided the opportunity to make some new contacts and listen
to some interesting presentations about what is new in the industry.
The standout features from the conference and which generated the
most interest was the new sealing polymers from LyondellBasell,
new extrusion screw system by Gneuss Kunststofftechnik, barrier
coatings and bio-inks from SunChemicals, MDO films from Nowofol
Kunststoffprodukte, biobased adhesives from Henkel and sensory
films from Fraunhofer Institute. Overall, SPF was a decent platform
to promote and discuss NATIVIA™ and EXTENDO™ as it enabled
reach an audience who is not actively involved in Bioplastics or any
kind of renewable substrates or specific high barrier films.
From left to right:
Peter Maplestone - HIS; Markus Schmid - Fraunhofer Institute; Regis Garoutte
- Huhtamaki; Stefano Facco - Novamont; Frank Ernst - Ti GmbH.