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New applications for NATIVIA™ Films
Whilst produce and vegetables packaging is by far the main
application for NATIVIA™ films, the
teamkeeps working closely
with our customers and end users to develop new applications
for this innovative, highly versitile and eco friendly range of film
in order to expand the possibilities to the industry.
Adhesive tapes go green
Following the extensive work done by Logotape on NATIVIA™
films, it is now possible to have a bio-based alternative to
traditional PP o PET adhesive tapes. The environmental
advantages of PLA combined with these innovative and eco
friendly tapes will help save resources and minimize the
carbon footprint, without compromising on performance and
processability vs traditional oil-based materials. Adhesive tapes
made with NATIVIA™ films are fully compatible with the paper
and carton recycling process, can be printed and are available in
white as well as transparent.
The bio-based NATIVIA™ range also provided a sustainable solution
for numerous label applications
and which were on diplay
thoughout the stand. In particular:
Ti presented a self-adhesive label
made of NATIVIA™ PLA film.
For this specific label, NATIVIA™
NTSS 50µm was coated with the
unique compostable adhesive,
which is EN13432 certified and
the coating was done by Herma
in Germany. The waterborne
adhesive preserves the excellent
transparency of the NATIVIA™
facestock. Although PLA is often
printed in flexo- or rotogravure,
for this application the label was
printed digitally on a HP Indigo,
by adding a primer coating.
Digital printing enables short
runs, without expensive plate costs for every different colour. The
collaboration of Taghleef Industries, Herma GmbH and Bio4Life BV
resulted in a highly innovative product, which will be commercialised
in the coming months. The label is cerfitied by DinCertco, so it is not
only compostable according to EN13432, but thanks to the adhesive
the label has a high renewable content. Bio4Life is able to serve
the market with the intermediate product and with finished labels,
marked with the seedling logo and its own certification number.
NATIVIA™ NTSS was also on
display for the Wrap-Around
Label (WAL) of the new bio
Mineral Water from the Vinadio
Spring. The print is executed by
Goglio Cofibox.
These products are only a
small review of the extensive
possibilities that the
portfolio can offer and the
full range is consultable on our
Ti looks forward to meeting you
at Labelexpo Europe 2013!
Bio-based and compostable self-adhesive labels
Self adhesive labels are normally made of paper or films (PP, PE or
PET), or a combination of these. They are an excellent, flexible, simple
and cost-effective solution to provide information and appeal to the
products. However, in case of compostable packaging labels must also
be compostable.