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Ta g h l e e f I n d u s t r i e s N e w s
With a total of 28,636 visitors from 118 counties - an increase of
18.6 per cent over 2009’s show and occupying 6 exhibition halls at
Brussels expo, this year show was the largest in its 30 year history.
Labelexpo Europe 2011 which took place on 28th Sept -1st Oct in
and equipment sales -
making it the largest and
most successful label
event to date.
Taghleef Industries welcomed a great number of visitors on a
new and larger booth (5A75) in hall 5. Our international team
was pleased to see that the quality of visitors was high as most
were decision makers coming from all over the world. Labelexpo
Europe has became the reference of the label market worldwide
and as a reliable global supplier of quality films,
was well
positioned to present its offering to the market.
In terms of products, the Self Adhesive Label (SAL) portfolio
certainly generated a lot of interest. Various marketing initiatives
were jointly presented at the exhibition which included the Polish
converter Natalii. for which
developed a clear self adhesive
label for the famous distilled beverage Vodka. The exclusive no-
label look effect was delivered though a combination of a highly
transparent LSA 50µm filmic facestock, high clarity adhesive and
broke all records
a suitable release liner. Natalii
printed in flexo UV technique
with flexo UV inks, along with
the application of gold cold-
stamping. The labels were then
secured by UV varnish giving a
unique and classic finish.
Designed for the Home Care, a
Self Adhesive Label for a glass
cleaner and polish spray was
showcased. The LSE 60µm, a
high yield white voided BoPP
film was used as facestock in
the self adhesive construction that allowed
OTK to create an all-around fully printed
label. OTK, a Czech company, printed the
decorative label on digital equipment HP
Indigo. OTK focuses on the field of flexible
packaging technologies, self-adhesive and
graphic labels.
Our In Mould Label range also received
great attention. With our partners CCL
Label France and Logoplast,
a small IML butter tub. The LIM 60µm, a
white voided BoPP film with very high yield,
was printed with a high quality UV Offset.
The result is a label that integrates perfectly
the tub without any bubbles or peeling and
keeps a fine quality of the graphics and texts.
The Printing Company Verstraete, Belgium
pre-printed the LIH 70µm, a white voided
BoPP film with offset technique, preserving the high-resolution
quality of the images. The label was then molded into a 10.3L
paint container by Dijkstra Plastics BV, a specialist in producing
plastic buckets for a diversity of packaging solutions.
The LIG 70µm, a BoPP white
voided film with smooth effect
after molding, was used by the
Greek Printing House Karydakis for
a 10L container. The film perfectly
blended with the container
maintaining the complete color
scheme of the graphics.