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Ta g h l e e f I n d u s t r i e s N e w s
After the first successful Technical
Interactive Seminar in 2009,
Taghleef Industries launched the
2nd series (TIS) in the Middle East.
Led by Ibrahim Hammoda -
Regional Sales Manager for
the Middle East, the program
focused on providing information
and updates on the latest developments, innovations and
technologies in the flexible packaging industry. The first TIS took
place on 22nd-June in Jeddah in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,
considered to be a very dynamic market in the region with
forecasted consumption of 45KT MT of Bopp in 2013 (CAGR
9.2%). The competitive advantage of the Saudi Arabia market
attracted many big end users to move their operation in Saudi
- therefore today there is a mix of several large international
end users and giant local end users in the Saudi market. For
this TIS it was therefore customized for the end users with the
collaborative joint efforts of the Obeikan group. The objectives
were to support the end users’ businesses and to have better
understanding of their needs and their requirements in order to
nderlying our intention to continuously improve our presence
in the Asia Pacific region, our $10 million investment into our line
reinforces our commitment to delivering increased benefits to our
customers. This new line will bring about a new chapter in the
Wodonga site and ensure that as part of the wider
group, we are
positioned to truly deliver world class products on a global scale.
After months of planning and preparation, the Bruckner designed
FOK4.4.6 chain and track model will replace the existing roller
bearing chain to a sliding chain.
The benefits of a sliding chain over a roller bearing chain are:
• Lower wear rate
• Lower maintenance costs
• Reduced maintenance time
• Reduced noise
• Longer life expectancy
Ti Australia Line Upgrade - $10 million investment
help them to create a better value for their products.
Ibrahim Hammoda presented the 2011 strategy focusing
on the importance of
future developments of
customer intimacy and
outlining the strategic
vs competitors.
Facts and figures of the
Saudi market dynamics
were presented by Ali Anshasi (Assist Sales Manager) and
technical presentations were given by Abhijit Ghosh (
Technical Service Manager). The second seminar took a place
on 17th -23rd of September in Istanbul, Izmir and Ankara in
Turkey, with the attendance of Ibrahim Hammoda, Dieter
Scheidecker (
Consultant), Agnel Pinto (Sales Supervisor)
and Neslihan Dereli (Agent). The TIS was tailored this time
for the converters. The technical presentations were given
by Dieter Scheidecker providing
customers information
and updates on the latest developments, innovations and
technologies in Flexible Packaging Industry.
Ibrahim Hammoda, Dieter Scheidecker,
Neslihan Dereli and Agnel Pinto
Successful Technical Interactive Seminars (TIS)
in the Middle East
Once the upgrade has been completed it will mean the machine
speed will increase 50% above where it has previously been
running over the past 12 months and back up to 350m/m,
bringing with it
• Greater reliability from the new upgrade
• Increased machine uptime
• Improved productivity
• Increased security of supply for our customers.
The removal of the old
structure took place over the
18-20 November with the new
track and train installed by
the 6 December. With testing
of the chain commencing
on the 12 December and
commissioning work the next week, the project is on target for
the planned completion date of the 19 December.