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Ta g h l e e f I n d u s t r i e s N e w s
Ti GmbH open
new Warehouse Facility
On Friday 9th of December 2011, Taghleef
Industries GmbH officially opened its
new warehouse in Holzhausen an der
Haide, Germany.
This 7 month project triples the
operating capacity of Ti GmbH for a w/h
capacity of app. 1,500 t and a maximum
material turnover of 12,000 t per annum.
Andreas Mueller, Managing Director
GmbH and his team welcomed
about 100 guests for the official opening. Those
present ranges from customers, local and regional
authorities, Press and
senior management;
notably Dr. Detlef Schuhmann, CEO Ti Group and
Mr. Valerio Garzitto, CEO Ti Europe who applauded
the accomplishment and result of the project.
“Increasing the space from 950 sqm by an
additional 1800 sqm is a big step forward. The new
warehouse facility will give
GmbH the ability to
supply the North of the Alps’ customers better.
It will complement
perfectly the existing
structure which has
grown and prosper
consecutively since
the year 2007” said
Andreas Mueller.
At this stage, the
team of
would like to extend
to the scope of
supply and services received in particular by
manufacturing units in Europe and
in Dubai. The cross border business
team and integration provides a very
successful structural to support the
ME goes Europe model.
Gmbh a Holzhausen an der Haide