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Ta g h l e e f I n d u s t r i e s N e w s
performer with these characteristics in the Asia Pacific region
are PGL -60 and 75 µm .
films are supplied with enhanced surface energy (and low
dyne decay) or even with synthetic paper type surface –
PSP 65 µm - for increased print adhesion in chilled and wet
environments. Transparent LSA in Europe and ITG films in Asia
Pacific, feature high transparency and are specially tailored for
“no label look” applications such as beer labels. This film can
be used as face film for facestock constructions as well as
in lower thickness for overlamination. LSW, meanwhile, is a
high-gloss solid white grade preferred for its high super white
coverage and MML 50 µm, a metallised grade, recommended
for high visual impact labels. As an alternative to paper liners,
offer an advanced transparent LTK film.
IML (In - Mould Labels)
This is a real growth area with technology evolving over
the past 10 years. Over the last decade, filmic substrates for
IML have evolved into, primarily, bi-oriented polypropylene
(BOPP), due to its high heat resistance and ability to process
in terms of printing and moulding. BOPP structures for IML are
specifically designed and have heat activated surface layers
which are co-extruded during manufacture.
product range offers high gloss printable surfaces, high
yield, lowcurl and stiffness, alongwith addedbenefits including
superior graphics, ability to recycle, gloss or orange peel
finish and low post moulding distortion. The extensive
IML product portfolio includes different white
voided options for different container
sizes and after mould appearances. The
products are qualified for wide a range
of printing technologies (sheet and
reel fed).
What’s new on
label planet?
High barrier IML
The experts in high barrier films and
label experts at
joined forces and
developed a high barrier solution for
IML. A major improvement in OTR
values could be achieved only by using
a high barrier IML label.
Thermoforming - IML
concluded a set of trials that
confirmed a BOPP based label can be
successfully applied in a thermoforming
process. Ask for a sample reel and make
sure for yourself!
NATIVIA™ does label too!
NATIVIA™, fully compostable according
to EN23432 and certified bio-based by
Vincotte, can be now applied as WAL
and SAL labels. See focus on NATIVIA™
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