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WAL - Wrap Around Labels
Reel Fed and Cut & Stack labels are mostly employed in the
beverage market, whose drivers are high productivity and low
cost. To this end
designed a selection of label films with
different aesthetics, suitable for all common gluing systems
and applicable at high labeling speeds.
In the Asian Pacific region, convertors and end-users favor
LWG 38 – a specialist high yield product, offering high gloss
and high opacity, and which is suitable for very high labeling
speed applications (eg Krones). On the other hand Europe,
MENA and Americas tend to balance between transparent
and white voided options. Transparent WAL films - LTS and
LTN - are highly appreciated in mineral waters segment for
their perfect clarity in a “see through” graphics in a monoweb
can offer also white voided grades, all valued for
their high gloss surface and opacity, but featuring different
yields. LGL, available in thicknesses from 33 to 47 µm, can be
either used as a monoweb or overlaminated with transparent
LTA, tailor made for overlamination.
White voided LRD, recommended whenever a higher
mechanical stress has to be overcome, and LGL are both
available also in a metallised version as LZR and LZL,
respectively. The range is completed with LXD, an ultra high
yield film. Various white voided grades are available for Cut &
Stack applications throughout the
SAL (Self - Adhesive Labels)
For the most common, flexible and versatile labeling
technology, applicable to a variety of markets,
solely non top coated 5-layer solutions. Close work by
our Technical and Research & Development team with the
key SAL convertors provided a solution for the end-user
by developing a white voided product with key attributes
including: increased stiffness, speed of application of the label
at the end user, higher efficiency, specific visual appearance
properties and better overall performance. While Europe
favors 60 µm and lower gauges (40 µm) of LSE film, a key-
group definitely does!
The answer is reflected in a wide-ranging portfolio of label materials (films), developed to meet even the most specific needs
required by diverse regional markets, among which are Europe, North and South America, Middle East and Africa and Asia Pacific.
group label film range is comprehensive and provides mostly high performance 5 layer film options , which deliver enhanced
properties in the main labelling applications, such as
Wrap Around Labels
- Self-adhesive Labels (Pressure Sensitive Labels)
– In Mould Labels
A recent label study from AWA confirmed that self-adhesive (pressure sensitive) and glue applied (among which Wrap
Around Labels) remain the dominating labeling applications, and together with IML, all enjoyed one digit growth rates in 2010.
Good news : the labeling industry is growing!