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Ta g h l e e f I n d u s t r i e s N e w s
Product Winner
What is GPCA?
Naturally, that may be the first question which comes
to mind when reading this news headline! GPCA is an abbreviation
of Gulf Petrochemicals and Chemicals Association. The association
mission is to support the growth and sustainable development of the
petrochemical and chemical industries in the Gulf.
Rashid Saif Al Ghurair
(Chairman of Taghleef Industries)
Mohamed Al-Mady
(Chairman of the Gulf
Petrochemicals and Chemicals Association - GPCA)
Mohamed Al-Mady
, Chairman of
SABIC Vice Chairman and CEO,
honoured winners of the first GPCA Plastics
Innovation Awards 2011 at a ceremony held at the Intercontinental Hotel in Festival City, Dubai.
Taghleef Industries LLC from Dubai won the award in the Plastic Conversion and Environment Category, for its BoPLA sustainable
packaging film. Dr Mohammed Naser S. Alghamdi and Krishna Prasad Rajan, both from Yanbu Industrial College, KSA, won the
award in the Talents in Plastics category along with $5,000 in prize money for their development of environment friendly,
completely bio-degradable bio composites materials based on date-palm fibre.
The Plastics summit had a very interesting program covering several angles of the industry such as: innovations in polymer
additives and its positive effect on plastics converters. Sustainable solutions for plastics recycling; basically highlights the
importance of plastic packaging, in our high demanding modern life. The GDP growth is driving the Polyurethane world demand.
Different packaging trends as a market driver focus on the sustainability trend as global driver…plus many other interesting topics.
AIMCAL 2011 Sustainability Product Excellence
Nestled among the desert cacti and fauna in the quaint town of Carefee,
Arizona, AIMCAL hosted their 5th Annual Management Meeting where
the agenda included presentations by experts in Business, Law, and
Economics and provided the perfect forum for networking and spreading
the Taghleef name.
The keynote speaker was Peter Schutz – a former CEO of Porsche AG
who, during his 5 year tenure, grew Porsche’s worldwide sales from DM
850 million to DM 3.7 billion and profits from DM 12 million to over DM
125 million. Peter attributed his success to the recruitment of people who
have a passion for the business as a means of achieving a competitive
edge - as invention and innovation are often “fleeting and fickle”. Schutz
stated at Porschewe had “ordinary peoplewhose passion and enthusiasm
resulted in extraordinary performance that outdid the competition”.
The highlight of the AIMCAL management meeting was the 2011 Product Awards Competition. Awards for technical and
marketing excellence in the food and non-food market segments were presented in three categories - product, technology
and sustainability. Taghleef received one of the awards for sustainability for its flower sleeve made of heat-sealable NATIVIA™
NZSS BoPLA film. The film was cited not only for its compostability, but product protection and eye-catching appearance. With
this success, Taghleef put its stamp on the AIMCAL event and solidified its place as one of the top innovative BOPP global
manufacturers for 2011.
Mohamed El Shami
(Technical Marketing
Manager) and
Service – US/Canada)