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Ta g h l e e f I n d u s t r i e s N e w s
Paolo Serafin
(Sales Manager Nativia)
nterpack 2011was the first large scale event for NATIVIA™,
our range of BoPLA packaging film, and the success it
brought has definitely gone beyond our best expectations.
Sustainability in packaging was among the main topics of
the 2011 exhibition, and most companies involved in this
buoyant industry, including
, were located in hall 9 of the
Duesseldorf Messe, which became for 7 days the “temple” of
bioplastics. Attracted by the NATIVIA™ brand and by the
desire to gather more information, hundreds of visitors came
to our booth asking for information about our range of bio-
based films. As Interpack takes place only once every 3 years,
the 2011 exhibition was a chance not to be missed.
To make the most out of it, the
team had prepared a number
of events, including a dedicated NATIVIA™ dinner party and
stage presentations at the nearby European Bioplastics booth.
Furthermore, thanks to the support of our customers and to
the cooperation with our most reliable partners, we were
able to display various examples of innovative packaging
solutions based on NATIVIA™ films.
Latest news on Nativia
manufacturer known for its attention to environmental issues,
prepared a revolutionary 100% bio-based duplex laminate
made of paper and NATIVIA™ laminate. The laminate,
printed with compostable
inks, is availablewithdifferent
barrier performances, and
offers outstanding sealing
performance, product appeal
and processability, and can
be used in a number of
applications: flour, cereals,
biscuits, pouches, sugars, pet
food and many others.
Not far way, in hall 14,
Cavanna - the world leader in
HFFS machines from Italy -
was giving live demonstrations
of their flowpack Cavanna
Zero model, running a
laminate printed by the top-
class converter Sacchital,
also from Italy. Thanks
to the moisture and gas
barrier of the metalized
NATIVIA™ combined with
the seal integrity guaranteed
by Cavanna state of the art
technology, this solution is
ideal for pizza, biscuits and snacks. Given the bio-based origin
and compostabilty, end users willing to adopt such a material
could enhance their brand image without compromise in
terms of packaging performance.
Dr Amedeo Caccia Dominioni
(Service Manager)
Frank Ernst
(Product Manager NATIVIA™)