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Ta g h l e e f I n d u s t r i e s N e w s
Top score at
Taghleef Industries GmbH
Recognition of high achievement
superior: 950 points
For the 3rd time in a row we, at Taghleef Industries GmbH,
were able to receive the Superior rating for our warehouse,
offices and surrounding area. We were able to increase yet
again the score from 910 points in 2009, 935 points in 2010
and now to 950 points for 2011.
The audit by AIB International (unannounced to personnel;
announced to corporate) took place on January 25th, 2011 in
Holzhausen an der Haide. The outstanding team effort throu-
ghout the year made it possible to maintain and to improve
the standards and to work on the little details which were
highlighted during previous audits. All colleagues, from house
keeping towards the General Manager, have been involved to
accomplish the target and to further push the limits.
Actually, this year’s score needs to be seen in a different light.
AIB International changed
the rating in a way to better
judge the rating in compari-
son to other facilities of the
same background. In effect,
we are now measured against
all other warehouse facilities
which are audited by AIB.
The new target to achieve a
Superior rating was set at 935
points, reflecting the top 25%
of all warehouse facilities around the world.
Now, we are busy working to eliminate the fewminor findings
and to further improve the score. However, new challenges
will come. The expansion of our warehouse facility along
with a considerable amount of construction work and modi-
fications to the “old” building will certainly have an impact on
our work and all structures and processes need to be adap-
ted. Further effort will be needed to maintain the facility at
these high standards. Bottom line is to assure the food safety
of our product and to avoid any contamination during the
construction work.
We are prepared to take on those challenges!
Forthcoming Events:
New Ti Website
During Interpack
had the pleasure to
officially launch its new website
Redesigned with a fresh look
and layout, the presentation of its contents
has been improved.
Some of the novelties are : on the Home
page, a world map offers the possibility
to enter, navigate and consult the product
datasheets, events & news, careers
opportunities of each Region’s website
is implanted (MEA, Asia Pacific, US
and Europe). Indeed, customers from the
Southern hemisphere can directly access
Shorko’s information under
Asia Pacific.
A “Terms of Sales” and “Press area” have
also been added on the front Page. The
“Sustainability” menu has been expanded
and will regularly report on
’s projects
and progress, and hosts a direct link to
our NATIVIA™ film range menu. Our bi-
annual newsletter
News is now readable
through a Flipping Book.
Biofach America Latina
Sao Paolo,
October 5th – 7th, 2011
Labelexpo Europe
Hall 5, Stand 5A75
Sept. 28th – Oct. 1st 2011
European Bioplastics
November 22nd/23rd, 2011
Biofach America 2011
Sept. 22nd – 24th, 2011
Bioplastics Conference 2011
, Italy
21 September 2011
New Product Portfolio
and Synoptic Table
new handy pocket booklet has been recently introduced to present
our BoPP product range at a glance. The new Product Portfolio
indicates clearly the structure and technical characteristics of the films,
and is available in two versions: Food and Other Applications & Label
Applications. To complete the set, an abbreviated synoptic table has
also been created. At the moment those leaflets are available for the
European Market only. To obtain some printed copies, please do not
hesitate to contact the Sales Manager of your area.