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Ta g h l e e f I n d u s t r i e s N e w s
participated in the 3rd
Arabplast summit, organized
by the Center for Management
Technology, Singapore and held
in Dubai, United Arab Emirates,
on 10-11 January 2011.
professionals operating within the commercial and
technical aspects of the plastics world came together
at the 3rd Arabplast Summit to debate business trends
and discuss the latest commercial and technological
developments in the industry.
This conference is aimed at middle and top level
Managers from resin suppliers, traders, producers,
master batch, plastic compounders, plastic converters,
molders, end users (packaging, plastic pipes, profiles, film
& sheet), logistics suppliers, financial institutions, plastic
associations and regulatory bodies. Past participants
include middle - senior management, marketing & sales,
commercial, production, supply chain & logistics.
The Gulf Cooperation Council, or GCC, accounts for just
two per cent of the global plastics conversion market,
but annual growth is expected to reach between 9 to
e at Taghleef look up to our customers as our partners. That was
the seed which we planted back in 2006 and continue to grow and
care for today. In 2009, we launched the TTS (Taghleef Technical
School) program. The program has a uniquely ‘customized to
satisfy’ feature that accommodates the demands and needs of our
vast base of loyal End- users and Converters.
Celebrating two successful and great years of ‘TTS’ - Mohamed
El Shami, Technical Marketing Manager led the Arabian Flexible
Packaging (AFP) TTS on the 18th of April 2011, at Taghleef
Industries LLC in Dubai, UAE. The course was addressed to AFP
Sales, Technical, and R&D team. The customized course focused on an in depth insight into flexible film manufacturing
(BoPP, CPP & BoPLA), the converting process (Printing & Lamination), packaging/labeling applications (snacks,
confectionery, fresh produce, labeling& much more) and Global Market Review. We look to our customers as our partners
with a relationship based on transparency, which is usually crowned a ‘Win-Win’ partnership.
Arabian Flexible Packaging (AFP) is one of the leading converters in the region and located in the heart of Dubai, UAE.
AFP is a major supplier to the top multinational confectionery, snacks & beverage manufacturers in the ME region. Taghleef
has been a major film supplier toAFP throughout the last decade. The film product range varies between SolidWhite/White
Pearlised & Metallized films for various applications.
Taghleef Technical School in Dubai
April 18th 2011 (TTS - Dubai)
11 per cent, making it one of the fastest growing regions
over the medium term.
The UAE and the Gulf region are going to become one of
the world’s largest sources of petrochemical and plastic
products as the oil-producing countries invest heavily in
downstream petrochemicals.
The plastics industry is one of the leading manufacturing
sectors in Dubai, according to the Dubai Export
Development Corporation 2009 report. The report
estimates that the value of annual plastic production in
Dubai is Dh1.3 billion.
“The GCC is heading towards reaching a stage where
there is self-sufficiency in the production of plastics for
the region’s domestic use.”
Some of the biggest converters in the Middle East and
North Africa will met at the summit to discuss how they
can continue to compete effectively on a global scale.
More specifically, the decision-makers of big plastic
converters are all geared up to share their views and
Ibrahim Hammoda
Regional Sales Manager (GCC &
ME) gave a presentation on the challenges in the BOPP
film industry.
Far left: Ibrahim Hammoda
Ti participated in the 3
Arabplast Summit