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Ta g h l e e f I n d u s t r i e s N e w s
still scoping the market and customers by
setting up regular meetings and mapping out
their demands. Recently, we have moved
into some local PR by being interviewed
by Packaging Manager. The interview
covered all aspects of our operation in
China and we were able to get across
some of our key messaging on our product
offering, technical support, research and
development and discussing innovations
such as NATIVIA™.
We have committed to the long term strategy
in developing our market and recognise
it takes time to establish a new player.
However, with the support of the
we are able to leverage worldwide solutions
along with a network of experienced people.
The innovative culture that exists within
also means we are well positioned to not
only respond to and meet market demands,
but also to lead it.
Martin Scarlett
Head of Sales and Marketing
South East Asia and China
Office Tel: +61 (0)3 9859 8638
Office Fax: +61 (0)3 9859 8336
Mobile: +61 (0)418 400106
Zhong Hongguang
Sales Executive China
Tel. : +86 21 3133 2608
Fax : +86 21 3133 2686
Mob: +86 139 1641 5231
Moving forward in Asia Pacific
n the last edition of
news, we introduced
our new office in China as we look to
expand and grow our offering into the Asia
Pacific region. We are happy to report that
our office is gradually establishing itself
and is providing a really professional base
from which to present our commitment to
the market.
Our strategy in this region has always
been about offering high performance and
differentiated products. The industry in this
region is benefiting from huge investment
in supply chain improvement, maximising
efficiency and equipment performance.
This has resulted in a focus on higher line
speeds, using less material and maintaining
integrity and shelf life. We believe we are
ideally positioned with our specialised
and high performance films to match
the direction in which our customers are
moving too.
Part of promoting our brand will require us
to undergo a planned approach to market
our products and services which will allow
us to gradually grow. At this stage we are
Pictured left to right:
Tony Kemm
(Market Manager - Labels & Key Accounts),
Janet Waite
(Finance and Administration Manager),
Mark Richardson
(National Account Executive),
Johnson Dang
(Procurement Associate - Arnott’s),
Elie Jarrous
Mark Grice
(Sales & Marketing Manager),
Tom Vicars
(Group Procurement Manager - Arnott’s)
The Arnott’s Foundation
As one of our key customers, Arnott’s held their Fundraising Gala Night 2011 to help
raise funds for their charity – Camp Quality.
Australia have been working closely
with Arnott’s for many years, so of course we were delighted to help.
The Arnott’s Foundation is a non-profit charitable organisation with the proceeds
from the evening going to Camp Quality, which aims to improve the life of children
with cancer and their families via unrelenting optimism. Last year, the Foundation
raised enough funds to hold 10 camps for families with children affected by cancer.