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aw materials
The products manufactured by Taghleef Industries Kft. derive from
polypropylene (PP)
, which is a thermo-
plastic polymer that consists of
non-toxic molecules
made up of only carbon and hydrogen atoms. During the
manufacturing process the use of specified quantities of a
dditives master-batches
gives to the film its specific
characteristics. All raw materials used by Taghleef Industries Kft. comply with the
National and European
Union regulations
and the
Food Contact regulations of the USA.
Extrusion is the
first stag
e of the transformation process.
Polypropylene granules,
together with the
are appropriately dosed, sent to a pre-mixer and supplied to the extruders by pneumatic systems. Here they
melted and extruded
forming a
flat sheet
that is stabilized thanks to an immediate
cooling by immersion
in a water tank
and then
of the remaining surface water
by blowing air
on the film surface.
During the Machine Direction Orientation
the sheet is
warmed up again and
stretched longitudinally
using rolls that
rotate at different speeds. Afterwards, the film is locked on
the edges by a clip system and
stretched transversely
in the
Transversal Direction Orientation process
. The output
film is now subject to an appropriate
surface treatment (flame
or corona treatment)
to make the
product printable
and then
wound into
jumbo rolls,
with a width of
6,5 or 8,2 meters.