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Taghleef Industries Kft. occupies a prominent position in the flexible packaging market, as the only bi-axially
oriented polypropylene manufacturer in Hungary. Our company is located in Tiszaújváros, about 170 km East
from Budapest, and is part of the international Taghleef Industries Group, one of the world’s largest films manu-
facturer. The Company’s mission is to develop, produce and market BOPP films in compliance with our clients’
highest expectation. Our film can be used in decorative packaging and label markets.
Continuous innovation is part of our Group’s basic philosophy. The portfolio products include low-heat sealable,
anti-fog and easy opening films that help to avoid the uncontrolled tearing of the packaging.
The most important application field of our products is the food industry. Our products and equipment are
constantly improved to meet our customers’ products and services needs.
Sustainability is also part of these efforts, which includes social, economic and environmental aspects. The
road towards sustainability requires continuous commitment from the entire company and begins by focusing
on environmental considerations.
Our company has always carried out specific environmental measurements, in order to identify and control
environmental impacts of production process. The related figures are below the legally prescribed limits and
we strive to reduce furthermore such results with additional improvements. However, we are fully aware that
the reduction of some environmental impacts, such as energy consumption, is correlated with some physical
and technological limitation related to the kind of product we manufacture. This can be achieved by investing
in new technologies and developing new type of products. As an example, by manufacturing lower thickness
films, we reduce the amount of material used for packaging and also the consequent waste.
Publication of this Environmental Report confirms the Company’s commitment and contains past achievements
and future targets.
Data and results achieved, confirm that our recent efforts have not been in vain. However, we are aware that
further steps still need to be made in order to continuously improve our performance.
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