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The Line III
tandem main melt extruder screw
was replaced wth a larger diameter extruder screw.
This caused an
increase by 2% of the annual efficiency
in the use of raw materials.
leakage sensor for the McQuay coolers
was built, which enabled to give evidence of
any possible
gas leakages
in case of breakdowns and to prevent the exit of GHG and ozone depleting gases into
the atmosphere.
A new investment in Line III was made, substituting the
main extruder with a twin-screw system.
Due to
this development, further improvements regarding the efficiency and production output were obtained.
second paper-core trim-rewinding system
with an automatic rewinding device system was substituted
and consequently the paper-core consumption was reduced.
to substitute the existing
lighting system
new energy-saving
ones in line III.
Completion of the substitution of the lighting system with new energy-saving ones in line III. This brought
energy consumption reduction
by 15 %.
A modern technology re-slitter equipment LAEM type was installed, which brought a reduction in the
consumption of energy by 10 % compared to the similar type of re-slitter. This new re-slitter also has an
automatic edge trim spooler system, which enables to reduce the consumption of paper-cores.