Pagina 7 - Ti Spa Environmental Report

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Taghleef Industries supplies a new range of bio-based, compostable and biodegradable BoPLApackaging
films branded . There are several examples in the market where is being used
as an alternative to oil-based plastics, thanks to its environmental benefits:
Fruit and produce;
Pasta and rice;
Window of bread bags;
Wrap around and self adhesive labels;
Tray lidding;
Flower and plant sleeves;
Adhesive tapes.
The product properties allow it to be
used across most food packaging
sectors, including perishables, as well
as for lids and non-food applications.
Taghleef Industries has recently developed a new range
of high tech flexible films branded that are
suitable for food, medical and consumer applications.
Despite their low thickness, these films assure highly
efficient gas and vapour barriers resulting in an effective
alternative to reduce packaging waste while making
recycling easier.