Pagina 6 - Ti Spa Environmental Report

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Primary products
The Group’s product portfolio offers a wide range of BoPP packaging films suitable for applications as diverse
as food packaging (solids, both fresh and dried, liquids and powders), labelling (Wrap Around Labels reel-fed,
Wrap Around Labels cut & stack, In-Mould, Self-Adhesive), adhesive tapes and other applications (stand-up
pouches for industrial products, pet food supplies, stationery, etc.).
These films are available in transparent, matt, solid white, white voided and metallised and, with their specific
characteristics, they aim to satisfy the highest customer request in terms of barrier properties, shelf-life
extension, food safety and high-speed packaging machines.
Although it plays a key role in product preservation and distribution, packaging is often perceived by the
consumers as an unnecessary waste of resources. There is no doubt that over-engineered packaging makes no
sense from an environmental point of view, but several studies have confirmed packaging is necessary and far
better than no packaging (less waste, longer shelf life, more efficient distribution to name a few advantages).
The challenge is to find the right balance between resources invested in packaging manufacturing and
resources saved thanks to its performance. As a result of this challenge, the packaging industry is always
looking at technologies to improve this balance, in terms of substrates, manufacturing and packaging formats.