Pagina 4 - Ti Spa Environmental Report

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During the past few years, Taghleef Industries Group has experienced successful growth that led it to become
one of the most prominent manufacturers of biaxially oriented polypropylene (BoPP), cast polypropylene (CPP)
and biaxially oriented polylactic acid (BoPLA) films, primarily used for food packaging, in the world.
As an industry leader, it is our responsibility to be considerate of market and stakeholder needs. The topic
of sustainability has become an ever increasingly popular topic in the packaging industry. Sustainability is a
concept that implies a holistic vision that includes social, economic and environmental aspects and represents
an indefeasible choice for each company that aims to give equal attention to today and tomorrow commerce.
The path towards sustainability requires a constant commitment by the entire company and, in the case of
Taghleef Industries S.p.A., it starts from the great attention that we have always focused on environmental
In fact, for many years, our site has carried out documented measures to limit the environmental impact of
its manufacturing process and supply chain. The established targets already achieved and future targets
are included in this very first Environmental Report of Taghleef Industries S.p.A. paving the way for future
Improving the environmental impact of our company starts with what we produce.
This is the reason why we are investing in the future and in new technologies in order to create new products
using alternative materials such as polylactic acid, which derives from renewable resources, is fully compostable
and does not compromise film quality. Likewise we are developing technologically advanced films that are
able to improve packaging performance with even lower thicknesses and therefore reducing the volume of
raw materials and waste.
The aim of our company is to meet customers’ needs, strengthen business relations and guarantee them high
quality service, therefore transparency is a necessary characteristic to make it happen.
The publication of this report is the confirmation of the company’s future commitment during the years ahead
that, added to the ambition of an ever increasing improvement, will be just the first step to achieve new
objectives in the years to come.
Valerio Garzitto
CEO Ti Europe