Pagina 27 - Ti Spa Environmental Report

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6.1 Targets already achieved
Below there is a list of some
important targets achieved
during the past years to reduce
environmental impacts mainly related to energy and water consumption rates.
• A new well was drilled in order to reduce the amount of water consumption. It uses a
pumping system that keeps the pressure constant until the discharge line of the plant,
bypassing the water tank and allowing water conservation.
• In line E2 the electric batteries used inside the oven were substituted by diathermic oil
batteries, heated by a gas burner.
• In line E3, the air batteries based on a refrigeration cycle were substituted by batteries
that use refrigerated water to reduce electricity consumption.
• During 2007 a new air compressors control unit has been installed to control and optimize
machines loading times with a 6% reduction of electricity consumption.
• The waste film grinders of our production lines E3, E4 and E5 had previously a constant
run, but most of the time without need. So we are now keeping them stopped all time and
automatically activating via a film break signal. The estimated saving per year is 3,300 MWh.
• A new and highly efficiently chiller became operational in January 2009. In terms of
electricity it allows to save 1MWh per 8,500hours/year.
• Two transformers of 20,000/400 V were removed to rationalize the electricity distribution.
Another transformer was removed in 2011.