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Over 385,000 mt of standard and speciality BoPP film capacity. An advanced BoPP films technology center

Taghleef Industries is one of the largest manufacturers of BoPP, CPP and BoPLA films in the world, headquartered in Dubai U.A.E. with over 385,000 mt of standard and speciality BoPP film capacity.

During the years, the Group has consolidated its presence by investing in new mergers expanding its footprint around the world. Nowadays Ti is present in 5 continents with 3 manufacturing units in the Middle-East, 2 in Europe, 1 in Australia, 1 in the USA and 1 in Canada, plus a distribution centre in Germany and a sales office in China.

Ti's plants are ISO certified and its films are manufactured to the highest hygiene and safety standards according to HACCP, AiB and BRC regulations.

Ti offers a wide range of bi-axially oriented polypropylene packaging films suitable for applications as diverse as food packaging (solids, both fresh and dried, liquids and powders), labelling (WAL reel-fed, WAL cut & stack, In-Mould, Self-Adhesive), adhesive tapes and other applications (stand-up pouches for industrial products, pet food supplies, stationery, etc.).

In addition, Ti supplies a new range of bio-based, compostable and biodegradable BoPLA (Bio-oriented PolyLactic Acid) packaging films branded NATIVIA™. The product’s properties allow it to be used across most food packaging sectors, including perishables, as well as for lids and non-food applications. Ti is committed to creating and offering alternative packaging solutions that will contribute to improving sustainability of modern packaging.

Investing in modern technologies led Ti to produce high barrier films branded EXTENDO™ that despite their low thickness assure highly efficient gas and water vapour barriers for food, medical and consumer applications.

Furthermore, thanks to the last acquisition in the USA, Ti has enriched its products range: Vision®, a specialized film used in medium and low shrink roll fed label applications, SynDECOR®, a decorative overlay film primarily used in ready to assemble furniture and cabinetry, and SynCarta®, a synthetic paper product used for labels, tags, greeting cards, envelopes and other applications.

The Group constantly challenges itself to improve and develop leading-edge films. This is also possible thanks to the continuous investments in BoPP films technology centers. Today the Group has three state of the art Research and Development centers in the USA, Europe, Australia with pilot line facilities in the USA.
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