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New High Friction Matt Film

Ti MHF film is particularly appreciated in the pet food converting industry
Today there is a BoPP alternative solution to the application of a Matte lacquer to obtain a paper effect on other plastic substrates for flexible packaging. MHF is a new developed Matte film, both sides heat sealable, with increased COF.

The high friction nature of this film is particularly suited for those applications in which too much slip can cause several problems, especially in the end-user's process. For example, for the stability of the empty food pouches/bags stacked before they are filled up.

From an aesthetical point of view, this Matte film increases the graphic design's impact and its texture attracts consumer’s attention.

At present, MHF is particularly appreciated in the pet food converting industry. For the customers who search for a packaging film that combines functionality and decoration: MHF is the right answer.

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